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The best asset that one person can possess is to get proper guidance to overcome difficulties with perfect solutions. But can you believe software can assist you with this, yes with today's cutting edge technology software you can get solutions for everything starting education, mental health and even in the recruitment process? Just follow us to explore our cutting edge technological software!

Career Assessment for Professionals

At the point when you don't know what sort of occupation you need for sure you need to do next with your profession, a career fitness test can help you limit your work decisions and pick a profession that is viable with your inclinations, abilities, qualities, and character.

Tracking down the right vocation includes some pivotal achievements that everyone needs to meet. The main objective of vocational evaluation is to think about different profession choices top to bottom. It assists you with knowing yourself – your qualities, shortcomings, fitness, insight, enthusiasm, interests and desires which ought to be considered while choosing a profession. The vocation appraisal test helps you in acquiring this self-information.

The vocation evaluation device is planned by analysts to assist individuals with understanding themselves better. This test by and large involves a progression of various decision questions. Now and again, it may likewise expect answers to emotional kind inquiries. There are no pass and bomb measures in this test. This is only an instrument that assesses you on specific boundaries like interests, values, character qualities, abilities, and inclination.

The appropriate responses you give in the test are assessed on these boundaries and afterward it is coordinated with the necessities of imminent professions. So, a vocation appraisal test assists you with evaluating yourself so you can discover professions that are best for you. It's the initial move towards powerful Career Planning as the Career Assessment test plays a 30 – 40% job simultaneously. The aftereffects of these tests assist the advocate with giving the right direction as it assists them with getting you.

Career analysis for students

The career report of students demonstrates the strength and weaknesses. The report consists of required data like skill sets, various career options and plan suggestions. The report consists of a list of things to be avoided while choosing a career. As a result, students can find the perfect work profile that suits their skill set, understanding and job satisfaction.


  • Understanding their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Finding top-notch skills and searching for the best career options.
  • Understanding the best learning strategies and techniques.
  • Choose the best career path and avoid which profession will not fit you

Recruitment analysis for employees

Because of the absence of consciousness of individual Strengths and shortcomings and deficient data about the centre skills needed for various occupation profiles, a large number of graduates land in wrong positions where they can't perform well

The report can assist the understudies with trying not to wind up in some unacceptable courses or occupations and guide them to settle on proper decisions relying upon their abilities and abilities on a case by case basis by the corporate. As per the overview directed by the world bank in India across 20 enterprises, it is shown that "Indian designing understudies are neither inventive nor great at critical thinking and consequently neglect to land positions in the cutthroat worldwide market. Organizations are searching for High Order Skills, for example, basic reasoning and critical thinking" 20% of the understudies might get the arrangement without any problem. What might be said about the other immense mass of understudies? Organizations can help 80% of the understudies by giving ability planning and legitimate professional courses. Understudies whose skills are surveyed have a decent potential for success to land the right position and support in the work.


  • Guide capabilities according to world bank suggestions.
  • Guide understudies to settle on the right decision dependent on ranges of abilities.
  • Rate the main 10 vocations according to part of studies.
  • Construct a superior resume with the abilities deductively estimated
  • Get into a situation without any problem.
  • Go to capability-based meetings without any problem.

Behavioural instability report

In this 21st century, millions of people across the world are suffering from severe mental health trauma, this mental trauma causes adverse side effects on psychological and biological behaviour. According to recent research studies, 19% of the world's population is affected by serious mental illness. As a result of serious mental illness, there is a surge in suicides, depression, stress disorder and anxiety disorder. Stressed out persons tend to get addicted to drugs and alcohol, which leads to serious health issues.

We came up with a solution with the help of our software, where you can take an online assessment program. These online assessment results can clearly state the mental health condition of a person. With the help of the several arguments used in the online assessment, the mental health of a person can be determined exactly.


  • To overcome mental illness, take corrective measures like Counseling, Psychotherapy, Training.
  • With the help of Counseling, Psychotherapy, Training, the mental health of a person can be determined exactly.

Co-scholastic skill score

A co-scholastic skill score is the best suggestion for the understudy local area to achieve considerably more from their unique abilities. It accompanies some special qualities for students.

Each significant area is additionally partitioned into sub-areas/capabilities. Thinking expertise is separated into Self Awareness, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking. Social Skill is partitioned into Interpersonal Skill, Effective Communication and Empathy. Passionate Skill is partitioned into Managing Emotions and Dealing With Stress. This is finished by recognizing and evaluating the individual characteristics and capabilities of a person by estimating the idea designs from different perspectives. Aside from the Co-educational standards, the device goes further into the top capabilities of an understudy, Strengths in General, Tips for Enhancing Efficiency, Suggested Training.


  • With the help of the co-scholastic score, the school management can start the training and development session.
  • This helps the teachers to analyze and understand more about the student, which helps them in preparing teaching strategies and modern advanced techniques.
  • It helps the parent to choose a perfect career option according to their child's desire and knowledge.
  • Students can understand their strengths and weaknesses, which helps them to overcome all difficulties and grow up with an exciting career path.

Behaviour analysis

The behaviour analysis report helps to understand the personality behaviour of the individual. All are not the same in the world; each person will have a different perspective for a problem, so everyone will not have the same scores. Some scores may be high or low which depends upon the unique characteristic features of the respected person. In behaviour analysis, various characteristic features are involved.


  • Comprehend the fundamental thinking designs about the person
  • Understanding their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It helps the employer to choose a perfect and potential candidate for the job profile.

Specialization selection

What specialization one will pick when joining for MBA? More often than not understudies choose the profession dependent on market patterns and pay scale and the fundamental ability isn't thought about while choosing the higher examinations, even though it assumes a significant part throughout everyday life and vocation. It is consistently prudent to pick the specialization as indicated by the expertise set one has with the goal that s/he can generally perform well while partaking in the vocation.

The report helps MBA understudies to distinguish the best part of studies by breaking down their abilities against the capability prerequisite for each branch and recommend the best investigations and the top positions one can dominate depending on the abilities in the particular MBA.


  • Guide abilities required for the board occupations.
  • Guide understudies to settle on the right decision for specialization determination.
  • Rate the best 10 vocations according to part of studies.
  • Assemble a better resume with the abilities deductively estimated

Training Entrepreneur

Preparing Industry is getting forced nowadays. Many are getting into this industry with the pizazz to prepare others. Train the Trainer is a model that is frequently utilized in the work environment. The coach trains different representatives and simultaneously helps them to prepare others. The preparation program is planned for mentors, instructors and teachers to enhance and professionalize their present technique.

In any case, individuals need a bunch of capabilities to become fruitful in preparing. This report recommends and measures the capabilities required, and does a whole examination on what the coach should be prepared on (useful just as social abilities) before they become confirmed mentors.


  • Guide explicit capabilities required for turning into a Trainer.
  • Give successful preparation.
  • Competency Insight report

Competency Insight report

Each work needs certain skills and it fluctuates from one occupation to another. Organizations recruit up-and-comers with incredible assumptions after monotonous rounds of meetings and composing tests and so on… However, frequently in genuine situations, representatives can't perform well because of the crisscrossing of their capabilities. This will influence the usefulness and end up in high staff turnover, grinding between the business and the representative and non-logical preparing systems.

With the skill knowledge report, organizations will want to set the abilities dependent on the JD and afterwards map it to distinguish the right contender for enrollment or worker improvement purposes. It likewise assists you with building the capability data set of the representatives independent of the area.


  • Guide explicit skills on a case by case basis for each work dependent on JD (Job Description).
  • Give engaged and successful preparation through staggered TNA
  • Diminish Training Cost through right-employing.
  • Set up, another, skill-based employing system effectively and cost-viably
  • Fabricate a skilled Database of representatives across the organization.
  • Simple administration of grounds employing

Sales competency Analysis

Employees are the best assets of the organisation, choosing perfect candidates with appropriate skill sets to bring huge success to the business. Instead of a single person doing all the work, dividing the work among the employees based upon their skill sets can increase work quality and productivity. Understand your employee's skill set, ability, weakness and efficiency, which helps the person to be placed in a perfect job profile. This technique increases the efficiency and productivity of the employee to the maximum capacity.


  • By finding the perfect candidate, it results in increased productivity, achieving the sales target and high performance.
  • As a result, it increases overall productivity, growth, profit and revenue for the company.

Leadership report

Leadership definition is that authority is the craft of propelling a gathering of individuals to act towards accomplishing a shared objective. Being a pioneer implies characterizing and showing good and moral boldness and setting a model for everybody in the organization. Being a pioneer assists you with showing initiative abilities to your workers, who will then, at that point, help do the "truly difficult work" of moving the organization from where it is today to where it should be later on.


  • Analyze all your authority abilities in a graph as a rundown to see where is your best fit initiative
  • Class of your authority with the world-renowned head of your style.
  • A suggestion where in an area your best administration abilities can be utilized.
  • Evaluate Leadership abilities.

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What is needed for Psychometric Career Assessments?

  • Find his/her overall strengths and weaknesses
  • Align career with own attributes, attitudes and skills
  • Guide individual career development
  • Identify rewarding opportunities for career growth and promotions
  • Choose an appropriate job one is good at.
  • Plan your next career option if you are not happy with the present one.

How to Choose the Career Assessment?

We have different career assessments which can help all ages of people to understand better options and to choose the best for them. All these assignments are more accurate based on detailed analysis of the concerned person.

How to Choose the Career Assessment?

We have different career assessments which can help all ages of people to understand better options and to choose the best for them. All these assignments are more accurate based on detailed analysis of the concerned person.

What is the duration of the career assessment?

To undergo detailed analysis and to have accurate results the concerned person must take a comprehensive career assessment which takes duration around 45 minutes to complete the entire assignment.

Can I upgrade from free suitability to virtual Career Counselling

Yes you can upgrade your plans according to needs. After analyzing the free report you can always upgrade your free plans to face to face career counselling. There is no need to do your assignment once again for face to face career counselling.

Who will be counselling me?

We are one of the best psychometric platforms in India, we have highly qualified experts in all the fields. Our highly qualified, well trained career counsellor will help you with better career decision choice. The best part is you can choose your career counsellors according to your need and flexibility

Can I get face to face counseling near me?

Yes, you can because we opperaring around 48+ locations in India with more than thousand of career counsellors. There is no need to do your assignment once again for face to face career counselling.