1. What is the uniqueness of your resume-writing services?

We research and use the latest hiring trends and accommodate the content accordingly with respect to the expected potential employer.

2. Is infographic resume is a good choice for NON-IT profile?

Our intention is to attract and provoke the recruiter to call you for an interview. Usually, a recruiter is not your domain expert; they just screen and pass it to the next level, they review 50 CVs in a day, if they don’t understand your profile and misunderstand that you are not the right candidate for the Job, YOU MISSED THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. So infographic profile helps to communicate any recruiter.

3. Will infographic profile pass through ATS?

ATS is a myth; it is used for hiring freshers and mass hiring in BPO.

4. Is my Resume ATS Ready? How will it affect me?

ATS is used for freshers. Hence, It is irrelevant once you acquired experience.  Even though Our Resume is ATS ready and always tracked due to recent hiring trends and keywords analysis, that sums your resume will also pop if ATS is used.

5. Is there an individual payment for MS- Word and Infographic Resume?

 Yes. Since both are from different packages.

6. Is PPT Source file provided for an infographic resume?

Yes, We do

7. What is the maximum time you require to share the perfect resume?

The standard TAT for all the services is 7-10 working days provided we get 100% duly filled questionnaire (Content, Photo, Logos of companies)  

8. Is there any limit to which we can get the corrections/updates done?

You can get it altered or corrected three times till the final approval of the resume. However, If you desire to add more content after the APPROVED RESUME, you need to pay Rs.500 for extra content and details.

9. What are the various means to communicate with the writer?

We’ll let you try to match up a time with you and our writer to get in touch in order to come up with an exceptional resume.

10. How do you do Naukri & LinkedIn Optimization?

 Being a recruiter, I use Naukri extensively and know the User interface, so we use tricks and tips to optimizes it with targeted Job keywords.

11. How will Resume distribution service help me?

Unlike a normal resume blast, we utilize the relevant database to target your preferred audience specifically. This helps to recover a lot of time and redirect you to the correct hiring manager.  This ISN’T a service that posts your resume on several job boards. Instead, it is a TARGETED approach.

12. How do I proceed with payment?

We collect upfront payment via Bank transfer or other electronic mode listed above. , we don’t work on post payment method.

13. What will be the next step if I have decided to move with your service?

  • Please fill the complete questionnaire
  • Select the choice of resume sample
  • Select the choice of packages
  • Deposit the amount based on the choice of package.
  • Send me a fresh mail with duly filled questionnaire, your old resume and choice of sample resume.