LinkedIn Optimization Services by GSK

LinkedIn is another advanced and frequently used tool for career marketing, but there is a profile that outshines yours in comparison. In case you wondering why? Have you ever thought about how to write an exceptional, irresistible LinkedIn Profile?

Kumar has worked on thousands of LinkedIn Profiles to turn them into Job gold mines. Each LinkedIn Profile has seen an unprecedented no of growth soon after the profile makes over. Kumar’s extremely high standards with quality and customer service resulted in better opportunities and exponential LinkedIn profile growth. You can rely on us and feel confident while we can help you forge a powerful professional brand that shines in the dark. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

LinkedIn Optimization

When we write your LinkedIn profile, we do not simply fill out the designated fields or copy and paste from your resume. We strategically arrange your LinkedIn profile to meet your goals and the required target audience so your profile can reach your true potential.

Our focus resides on these three important factors while optimizing for LinkedIn

1. Strategy & Goal

  • Reputation Management & Professional Branding.
  • To Attract Recruiters, Hiring Managers and HR Professional.
  • Showcase your Skills, Products or Services.
  • Creating Network more effectively.
  • Discovering additional opportunities.

2. Information Gathering – With your goal and your target audience in our mind, we try to gather all your background information required to revamp your LinkedIn profile either via email, questionnaire or during a one on one interview session to determine your

  • Career Trajectory, i.e., The Direction of your career.
  • Expertise
  • Accomplishments
  • Success Stories
  • USP – Unique selling point

3. Utilizing a conversational or narrative approach – we showcase your professional story after understanding your requirements and background; further, we craft your unique professional story in a manner that indulges your audience & compels them to reach out to you. Your revamped LinkedIn profile shouts and provoke confidence & credibility and showcase you as a high-level professional.

Why Optimize LinkedIn?

LinkedIn optimization is primarily required to meet requirements such as soft skills and pay ranges. We use highly sophisticated statistics to improve the LinkedIn Profile of the Individual. Few sample statistics are.

  • 80% of talent professionals say soft skills are important to company success.
  • 89% of talented professionals say bad hires typically lack soft skills.
  • 57% of professionals struggle to assess soft skills accurately.
  • 75% of companies use behavioral interview questions to assess soft skills
  • 27% of companies are transparent about pay and salary ranges.
  • – Of this 27%, 67% of them share salary ranges with candidates early in the hiring process, 59% share ranges with employees, and 48% share ranges publicly on job posts.

We incorporate these numbers to find a job match made in heaven for you. Our optimization can increase.

  • 1. 15k Impression.
  • 2. 5x Profile Views
  • 3. 25x High Profile Impact
  • 4. 50x Increase in Search Result
  • 5. Amazing Response

Linkedin Optimization Packages

Our Services

  • Optimized LinkedIn Profile with appropriate Market Demand Skills and Important Industry Terminologies to grab the attention of Recruiters by Ranking Higher and Increasing Profile Visibility.
  • Best Cover Page Photo to provide a Professional Outlook to your Profile.
  • Crafting a Job Summary to grab the attention of Recruiters in the First Engagement.
  • Highlight Achivements in Experience Section rather than Simple Roles & Responsibilities for Recruiters attention.
  • 10 Most Effective Profession-Specific In-demand Keywords to improve your Search Ranking in LinkedIn.
  • Proven Tricks & Tips to get Higher LinkedIn Recommendations to add more Values to your Profile.
  • 5X More Impressions to Increase Your Hiring Opportunity.
  • Optimize your overall Profile and Skills section for Boolean searches, which helps Recruiters find Your Profile that contains Profession-Specific In-demand Keywords in Job Descriptions.
  • Analyze your Settings to Create a Custom URL, which can help your Profile get Google Ranking in the Top 10 Searches Results bringing Increased & Relevant Job Opportunity.
  • Immediately Increase your Post Visibility with 100 Well Researched Hash Tags.
    100 Popular Hashtags to get visibility for your Postings
  • Inspiring In-mail Templates to connect with Recruiters and Business Professionals
    LinkedIn SEO/ Job Optimization to Increase your Job Alerts by 10 Times
  • Learn the Most Effective Methods for Searching Your Desired Job.
  • 10 Most Popular Groups for Job Seekers to Grow Your Networking and Develop Better Professional Connections.
    10 Most Popular Groups for Business
  • Top 10 LinkedIn Automation Tools to Generate Leads(2020 Update), to Increase Your Brand Image & Awareness and Establish Partnership.
  • Easily Connect with High Profile Contacts and Message 500 Connections in a Day with Auto Connect Tools.
  • Expert Coaching to Use 100% LinkedIn Features Efficiently to Unlock Job Opportunities